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Nature Play Studio

Travel to the Amazon Rainforest: Virtual Classes on Zoom, Tuesdays at 9:30 EST

Travel to the Amazon Rainforest: Virtual Classes on Zoom, Tuesdays at 9:30 EST

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Join us as we travel to the Amazon rainforest in our Virtual Class! 

Our class will touch on these topics: Biology, Ecology, Conservation, Geography, Physical Geography

Dates:  10 consecutive weeks on Tuesdays, 
April 30-July 2

Time: 9:30-10:30 EST

* Students will receive a pretend travel passport in the mail. This will come with flag stickers. Complete the passport for each learning excursion you join with us!

Materials needed: click on the "Hands on Learning" activities for each week (we always strive for projects that are either free, low cost, foraged, or materials you already have at home)

Working Class Outline:

4/23: Optional "Pre Season" Prepare for Our Trip to the Amazon. What to pack? Where is it? How far away? How do we travel there: bus, plane, train, car, boat?  Do we need to consider the weather?  Do we need to consider the cost?  What do we already know?
Hands on Learning:  Create a visual packing list together. Printable provided.
Read Aloud: Where Do You Want to Travel? and Rainforest Explorers

4/30: Week 1 - Amazon Introduction, Overview, and Global Significance
Hands on Learning: DIY Binoculars
Read Aloud: If I Ran the Rainforest

5/7: Week 2 - Rainforest Layers. There are four layers to a rainforest: emergent, canopy, understory, and forest floor.
Hands on LearningBuild a Rainforest Terrarium.
Read Aloud: Layers of the Rainforest 

5/14: Week 3 - Animals of the Emergent Layer (Harpy Eagle, King Vulture, Kapok Tree (not an animal but a habitat for life, Brazilian Nut Tree (food source, habitat), Tayra.
Hands on Learning: Harpy Eagle Puppet
Read Aloud: We're Roaming in a Rainforest  and  The Great Kapok Tree

5/21: Week 4 - Animals of the Canopy Layer (Brown throated sloth, Emperor Tamarin, Kinkajou, Pygmy marmoset, Green iguana, Spangled cotinga, Scarlet Macaw, Spectacled Owl, and more)
Hands on Learning: Origami Bird Finger Puppet
Read Aloud: Sarah Saw a Blue Macaw

5/28: Week 5 - Animals of the Understory Layer (Assassin Bug, Pink-toed tarantula, Dyeing dart frog, Sugar Gliders, Leaf cutter ant.
Hands on Learning: Nature Art Bugs
Read Aloud: Over and Under the Rainforest

6/4: Week 6 - Animals of the Forest Floor (OcelotJaquar, Amazonian Tapier, Hercules Beetle)
Hands on Learning: Animal Camouflage 
Read Aloud: A Boy and A Jaquar

6/11: Week 7 - Animals of the Amazon River Basin (river dolphin, river bull shark, green Anaconda, and more)
Hands on Learning: Anaconda Snake Chain
Read Aloud: Zonia's Rainforest

6/18: Week 8 - Food of the Amazon (Brazil nuts, cacao, vanilla orchid, coffee, rubber tree, bananas, and more)
Hands on Learning: Make Cassava Banana Bread
Read Aloud: Fairtrade Charlie and Lola - But I Do Know ALL about Chocolate read by Claire Martin

6/25: Week 9 - People of the Amazon (Indigenous people groups)
Hands on Learning: Indigenous Masks 
Read Aloud: Shamans Apprentice

7/2: Week 10 - Activism (What can we do to help?)
Hands on Learning: Share a Fair Trade Item
Read Aloud: The Boy Who Grew a Forest


This spring, we’ll visit the Amazon with Nature Play Studio and other classmates ages 6-10+ years old. 


We will use the investigative method of questioning using: who, what, when, where, why, how, and why?  We will include hands on learning to help the Amazon come to life. Learners are invited to answer and ask questions, engage in discussion, share ideas, and have fun! Each week we’ll spend a few minutes reviewing what we have learned thus far.  

Class includes: photos, videos, charts, maps, expository learning, and discussion for the first half. The second half includes hands on learning with our weekly play project and read aloud. 

 10 spots available

  • Join our 10 week series traveling virtually to the Amazon

  • Tuesdays, 9:30-10:15 am EST

  • Drop in option available $10/class. Full season is prorated each week. Join one class as a FREE trial. Send us an email! 

  • Zoom classroom link provided upon registration.

  • Class size: 10 families 

  • This virtual format is best for ages 6 to 10+. Younger siblings are invited to join with parent support. 

  • You'll receive an email for each lesson that incorporates hands on learning.

  • It's recommended to gather supplies before class, test camera and sound.

  • Enjoy class from where your learner is comfortable.

  • Use your computer or tablet.

  • Parents will receive weekly emails with information about the upcoming class, a supply list for our play project, any applicable YouTube videos for extended learning from sources such as (Nat Geo Kids), and a link to a read aloud book about Australia. 


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Abby Schiera
We love Miss Shaun and her awesome classes!

My daughter has been with Miss Shaun for years. She absolutely adores Miss Shaun’s class and has begged to do all of the classes. We will be returning for more adventures.

Play = Learning

"For a child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does 'just for fun' and things that are 'educational.' The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play."  Penelope Leach