Birthday Party with Nature Play Studio

A $50 non refundable security deposit is due to reserve the date. Security Deposit 

Pay $220 for party here the day of your party.

Optional Add-On Package:

  • Cheese and pepperoni pizza. Delivered halfway through the party.
  • Bottled water, sparkling water, juice boxes, and Pirate's Booty popcorn.

Birthday Activity Ideas. Choose one or two. Or, let us dream up other ideas with you! 

  • PAINT & TAKE! Painting with tempera paint, brushes, and paper. Children take home their paintings.  It’s a crowd pleaser and accessible for mixed ages. 
  • PAINT & MAKE! Painting with spray bottles and squirt bottles onto white canvas fabric. Crush chalk to make paint pigment. Crush berries to make paint pigment. It’s a crowd pleaser and accessible for mixed ages. 
  • Frozen Smash Cakes. We create frozen “cakes” using natural materials, flowers, and water. Your group will enjoy touching and smelling the “cakes” and admiring what’s frozen inside. They’ll smash the cakes using wooden mallets.  They’ll melt the ice using water filled squirt bottles. It’s a crowd pleaser and accessible for mixed ages. 
  • Mud Kitchen Play. We bring supplies to create a temporary mud kitchen for the party. We will bring water or a jug for filling, bowls, utensils, scoops, and a bin of peat moss.  It’s a crowd pleaser and accessible for mixed ages. 
  • Playdoh Bar. We make homemade playdoh and individually package one for each child. Children mix their favorite colors or scent (lavender or peppermint essential oil) into their very own playdoh to take home. Children play with their playdoh during the party with tools and cutters we provide. This is enjoyed by children ages 5+. 
  • Catch the Stars. We read a book about stars and space. Our children will create a night sky on fabric using smashed chalk, water, and cornstarch. It’s a crowd pleaser and accessible for mixed ages. 
  • Swatch: The Color Tamer. We read a book about a girl who loves color. Our children will “release” color by smashing chalk and painting on fabric.  It’s a crowd pleaser and accessible for mixed ages. 
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We have a yard sign for your use, upon request. 

  • FAQ and Details: 

    • Must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance.
    • Contact us by DM, phone call, or email to reserve an agreeable date and time for your party.

    • We can create play projects and a program for your birthday party: painting, sensory play, a story, hands on activities, and more. 

    • 2-2.5 hours of joyful hands on play to celebrate your child with their friends.

    • Weekday or weekend dates available.
    • Available on Sunday mornings upon special request.

    • Email to discuss adjustable pricing options and schedule:

    • Parents and guardians: please supervise and observe children. Be mindful of risky play. Risky play is important for childhood development but it is important to watch all children and prevent all potentially unsafe situations. Children do play at their own risk with the understanding that all parents and guardians are keeping a watchful eye on them. 

    • Please clean up your food and trash after your party. We will clean up the play activities.
    • Upon request, we can provide the following:
      • 2 folding tables with table cloths.
      • Drink dispenser with ice water to refill personal water bottles.
      • A canopy for shade or inclement weather. 
    • Nature Play Studio can transform your backyard or another location.
    • ☔️ Rain date as backup for rescheduling in the event of inclement weather.
    • Absolutely no glitter!