Meet our Ducks

 Meet our feathered friends! We have 2 ducks that keep us entertained. They are very smart and love routine. They joined our family in 2022 at just a few days old. Adorable. We have one Rouen duck, a female, and one male Blue Swedish duck (not yet pictured).


Do they need water for swimming?

We provide them with a baby pool with fresh water every few days. They absolutely love it. They need to immerse themselves in water to keep their feathers clean and healthy. They bathe and preen (clean) themselves.

It's important for them to have access to water to keep their nostrils clear and their duck oil fresh for repelling water.

What do they eat?

They are masters at foraging for worms, grubs, grass, and weeds. We feed them an organic grain as well as meal worms, kale, berries, and watermelon rinds. They love diced cucumbers and thawed peas.

Where do they sleep?

They sleep in a converted dog house we found on Marketplace. We fill it with straw and they are safe, warm, and cozy. The female duck lays her eggs in a nest that she built inside. She covers the eggs with straw to protect them.

Why is there water in their pen?

Ducks always need access to fresh water to clean out their bills. They need to submerge their bills in a deep bucket or container of water. They need to have access to water even through the night. Ducks don't sleep entirely throughout the night. They are often found keeping watch. You'll find them napping during the day when they feel it's safe.

Why don't your ducks fly away?

Great question! I don't fully understand this but from what I understand, domesticated ducks could learn to fly but it's not common. They are typically larger and heavier than the mallard ducks you see in the wild. Domesticated ducks also need their feathers clipped to fly. 

Do you eat their eggs?

Yes, we do eat their eggs. Sometimes. They have a different taste than our chicken eggs. Duck eggs are actually amazing for baking. They have a higher fat content. Let us know if you'd like to try our duck eggs sometime!