Class Policies

Class Policies and FAQ

📢 Parental or guardian supervision required for each child. Play at your own risk. Waivers must be completed and on file for each family.

🚮 Please keep spaces clean for everyone to enjoy. Leave no trace. 

🚗 Please park your vehicle respectfully on the street. Keep driveways clear for resident neighbors to come and go easily. 

📸 Photo Policy: we love to capture moments of playful learning and joy. Sometimes we share photos of those magical moments on social media. If your family wishes to not participate in the sharing of photos, please let us know. We respect the privacy of all our learners and their families. We make sure faces are covered or not shown when that is preferred by families. 
🌧️ Weather Policy: we aim to play in any weather so as long as it's safe. We want to teach our children resilience and share joy for being outdoors in any weather. If there's light rain, we will set up a canopy, bring umbrellas, and wear rain gear. We will reschedule if there's heavy rain and lightning. Messages will be sent the day before and 90 minutes prior to class.
😷 Sick Policy: please be mindful of others and stay home if you or your little one has had a fever within 12 hours. Wear a mask if you've knowingly been exposed to Covid. 

What ages does the program serve?

The program is designed for children ages 18 months-8 years, with parent or caregiver. Babies classes are designed for ages 6 months-2 years, with parent or caregiver. Occasionally, our classes will be drop off for small groups. 

Children younger and older than that age range are welcome to enroll and families are encouraged to try a free class to see if it is a good fit for their Explorer.

How many children are in a class?

Classes have a minimum enrollment of 4 and maximum of 15. If a family registers for a class that does not meet minimum enrollment, you will be notified 24 hours prior to the start of class and will receive a refund or credit toward a future class.

Can siblings come for free?

Siblings under 12 months of age may join at no cost. If an older sibling needs to attend due to scheduling change (eg. day off at school), they can attend up to two sessions without enrolling. Families are asked to notify the teacher if an extra child needs to attend for a session so they can prepare any necessary materials.

Are refunds offered?

If a refund is requested BEFORE the season of classes begins, families can receive a full refund or credit towards a future class.

If a refund is requested AFTER the season of classes begins, families can receive a refund for half of the value of the remaining sessions in the season.

Are credits or refunds offered for missed sessions?

Credits and refunds are not offered for classes missed by families. If full-season classes need be canceled by the teacher, they will be rescheduled at the end of the season. If more than two classes are canceled/rescheduled by the teacher, families are eligible for a refund for those canceled sessions. Any drop-in classes that need to be cancelled by the teacher will be refunded. The teacher always tries to accommodate within reason. 

What more can we do to continue learning at home during the week?

Families who subscribe can utilize their Tinkergarten Home content at home or if they miss an in person class session. When they sign up via this link, they automatically get a special, ongoing rate of $5 per month (vs. the regular $9/month).

What happens in inclement weather?

Decisions about whether it is safe to hold class are determined by the teacher using local weather guidance. The teacher will update families at least 90 minutes prior to class by email. If full-season classes need to be cancelled due to unsafe weather, they will be rescheduled for the end of the season (up to 2 classes). Note that classes will not be cancelled due to rain only.