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Out of Town Orders: Mud Kitchen Supplies + Basket

Out of Town Orders: Mud Kitchen Supplies + Basket

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Mud Kitchen Basket (made to order and contents will vary). Below is a list of items we try to source. 

Small Mud Kitchen Basket (10-15 lbs)
Mixing bowl, pan, utensils, colander, wooden mallet, squirt bottle. *Plus whatever else will fit within weight limit. 

Medium Mud Kitchen Basket (15-20 lbs)
Everything above plus: muffin tin, funnels, pouring vessel or pitcher, measuring cups, measuring spoons, pipettes, one container of herbs. Bag for outdoor storage. *Plus whatever else will fit within weight limit. 

Large Mud Kitchen Basket (20-26 lbs) 
Everything above plus: scale, rolling pin, container of homemade forest putty (playdoh), laminated recipe card for playdoh, three containers of herbs, bandana for cleanup/placemat/treasure collecting. Bag for outdoor storage.  *Plus whatever else will fit within weight limit. 


Mud Kitchen Ideas 
mud pie pans

muffin pans


wooden mallets


rolling pin


squirt bottles

small buckets

Tongs, masher, spoon, whisk

Jugs and cups

Forest putty recipe card

Container of homemade Forest Putty (playdoh)

Recipe cards for stick stew, wild tea, mud pie, nature glitter

Dried orange peel hearts / stars

Jar of play sand

Jar of peat moss

Jar of calendula

Jar of hibiscus petals

Jar of stones

Jar of butterfly pea flowers

Bandanas for clean up, pretend placemats, collecting treasures, and more! 

Woven basket, tote bag, milk crate, or wire basket for storage. 

* We lovingly curate all the items upon each order. Please allow time for curating, creating, and making it special. Expect 5-7 days for local pickup or 7-10 days for shipping. These are generous estimates and we hope to get the mud kitchen basket to you quickly. 

* Contents within each basket will vary. Most items will not be new but rather gently used and ready for your outdoor mud kitchen. 

* If there’s anything you do OR don’t want in your mud kitchen basket, please let us know. 

Local delivery or pickup can be arranged. 

Shipping available. 

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