Safety Information

Safety Information

There are ways we keep everyone safe at Nature Play Studio classes. This includes:

  • Each explorer (child) is accompanied by a guide (parent or caregiver). Teachers support guides and do all that they reasonably can to provide a learning environment that allows for safe risk-taking.
  • Parents and Guides should supervise their child or children at all times. We are a community and strive to help everyone play safely. This means we are looking out for ALL children, not just our own. If you notice an unsafe situation, please step in, alert another adult, and the parent or guardian.
  • Leaders bring a First Aid Kit to class, which can be utilized by guides (attending adults) if needed.

A few, simple rules help to address most situations:

    • Explorers (children) can explore on their own as long as they can still see or hear their guide or the Leader.
    • If explorers are taking physical risks, we check in to make sure that they feel sturdy and safe in their risk-taking.
    • Leaders encourage children to engage in risky play, but give clear redirection if or when safety and the safety of friends in the class could be compromised. For example, we celebrate that sticks are the #1 toy of all time, but we make sure that our sticks have plenty of space so they do not touch our friends' bodies. Ultimately, over time, we want to help children learn how to learn their limits while still playing in a way that keeps them and their friends out of true harm.
    • We encourage children not to put nature treasures in their mouths. If a wee one is doing so as a natural part of exploring the world, we work with their guide to try to honor that need in the safest way possible.

The approach to health/COVID-19 safety in classes:

  • We design our classroom spaces and activities so that we limit participants' sustained close contact with people outside of their family/pod.
  • Eating or drinking should be done in with distance from anyone outside or participants' household or pod.
  • When temperatures are above 50-60 degrees, Leaders provide a soap + water mixture for participants to wash hands as they arrive.
  • If you or one of the people who join you in class test positive or are exposed to someone who is positive before class, please follow the current CDC Guidelines for isolation or quarantine. While in isolation or quarantine, stay home from Nature Play Studio classes.
  • If you or someone in your household who attended your Nature Play Studio class test positive for COVID-19 after participating in a session, reach out to us.