Water Park Play

Water Park Play

Water play naturally invites an abundance of learning opportunities. Our multi age explorers played, discovered, investigated, wondered, and questioned with our “water park.” Moments of joy and child led learning using the beautiful @tinkergarten curriculum as our guide. Try these with your learners at home or school.

Water is soothing and oh so inviting! 💦

When I set up our learning provocations- there is order and thought put into every detail:

- How can we support the natural evolution of learning?
- How can we best lead the child to learning?
- Is the play project and learning accessible to all children, right where they are? 
- What goes first? What’s second?
- What questions and prompts can we mention that will support their natural curiosity and discovery?
- What are the learning goals and how do we get there?
- Where might the child take their learning?
- What questions are they asking during play?
- How are they observing and learning from one another?

This lesson was with children ages 4-7.



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