Symmetry in nature…

Symmetry in nature…

Symmetry in nature. It’s a big idea for these young Explorers but they welcomed the challenge and hands on learning in our Nature Studio today. 

We studied symmetry in nature with our loose parts: feathers, shells, stones, 🎄 tree sprigs, and acorn tops. We studied symmetry with our own bodies and in animals. We studied symmetry in the studio space with the gorgeous architectural details.

They noticed the “spine” or “line of symmetry.” We even talked about mirroring.

Hands on learning is my absolute favorite and when this crew got to building and testing out their understanding of symmetry- not gonna lie, I was giddy on the inside to observe them create, make, and wonder if what they built was symmetrical. We talked about how even if something is symmetrical- it may have something ever so slightly different- but is still considered symmetrical. We modified a sprig 🎄 tree sprig to make it asymmetrical.

Cultivating curiosity within kids about the world around us is my absolute favorite! 💫
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