Sticks! More stick play in this world.

Sticks! More stick play in this world.

Sticks! Small ones. Long ones. Thick or thin sticks. Smooth sticks. Bumpy sticks. Sticks bundled together, stacked, or sorted. How do you play with sticks? Does a stick become something useful or is it part of a fantastical story?

Sticks are the oldest and most loved toy of all time.

How can we reach for sticks to connect with nature and our imagination? ✨

Sticks can become a guitar, flute, or drum stick. They can become a fishing pole or sword to protect the castle. What can a stick be for your child? A roof or protective shelter when stacked together? A bridge across the mud? 

We will be playing with sticks in our classes this week. Meanwhile, we’ll touch on stick safety and mindfulness. I absolutely curate sticks for our classes based on ages….shorter sticks for our younger learners and longer sticks for our older learners. As they grow to understand and develop their spatial awareness, stick play is full of possibilities!

I vote for more ‘stick play’ in this world!
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