Squiggle Play and the Joy of Wonder

Squiggle Play and the Joy of Wonder

When do we lose our sense of child like wonder? Is it ever really lost or just buried under the weight of responsibilities, carpool, meal prep, and adulting? Does our sense of wonder ebb and flow over time?

Wonder and curiosity are things our children naturally have about the world around them. Have you ever witnessed a child taking in the beauty of a waterfall for the first time? Have you ever heard the sounds of a child in awe and wonder about a rainbow? 

This book, The Squiggle, by Carol Lexa Schaefer, uses the beauty of open ended play using colorful ribbons to spark curiosity, creativity, imagination, and wonder. The Squiggle https://a.co/d/59qyuWs

I love this book and how it’s sparked creativity within me. How can we play with ribbons to create art? Essentially ribbons are like lines or marks on a paper but with dimension. We can manipulate and create something else using these loose parts. What can you see ribbons becoming? How can you use ribbons to spark play, joy, and wonder for you and the children in your world? 

Are they the lines to a fishing pole? Are they squiggly worms? Perhaps ribbons can decorate a tree in your garden? Or, ribbons could be used as a way to measure the diameter of a tree or how tall your child is? Could ribbons be connected to make longer strands needed to make a pulley up and over a tree branch? Or, ribbons could become fireworks in the night sky? 

Playing with ribbons encourages fine motor skills using the pincher grasp and whole hand grasp, depending on the age of your child. The fine motor work is so good for preparing the finger skills for buttoning, lacing, tying, and writing!



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