Love and play…

Love and play…

Our nature play group has some really wonderful moments of playful learning. Child led. Wonder and joy. 

“It’s love and play that form the foundation of a good education. Without that, the rest is worse than useless, it's meaningless.” - Teacher Tom

Do you follow Teacher Tom?

Do you wonder what’s happening behind the scenes with our Play Projects? I put a lot of thought and intention into our nature play projects…all to provide your children with learning through play. Cultivating curiosity and wonder and joy!

1. Water flow & funnel engineering - problem solving, building, and divergent thinking.

2. Oobleck sensory play & wonder - scooping, finger muscle strengthing, curiosity about the non-Newtonian fluid…a solid & liquid.

3. Frozen smash cake - fine motor and gross motor work, sensory play, cause/effect with smashing and deconstructing, sensory play with the smells of the herbs and spices, plus visual stimulation and wonder about what’s stuck in the ice.

4. Bubble making - making and creating, persistence, teamwork with their grownup, and problem solving. We used cardboard tubes to make bubbles. What else that’s circular will make bubbles? Mason jar rings. Pipe cleaners made into a circle. Wooden rings. The big bubble stickers were tricky for our little ones.

5. Sun prints- great for grown ups and older learners. How can we capture the sun to make art?

6. Mud kitchen - sensory play, creativity, child led and independent play, and an opportunity to practice life skills. One learner put this “happy cake” in the “oven” which was under the board table.

All of those PLUS the MOVEMENT and positioning the children are engaged in while using their bodies and hands - bending over while hammering, leaning over while building and using hands, squatting while working, tilting their necks to get a better look. These nutritious movements don’t happen when our children are on devices or sitting watching tv. 🫶



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